Shanti Mountain Retreats combines outdoor sports with different types of Yoga and wellness practices. Our retreats take you on a journey to connect with yourself, but also to new people, a new culture and new practices. When empowered, each and every one of us can move mountains! We would like to inspire people to live healthier and happier lives, aware of all the boundless possibilities of self-improvement that nature and yoga can give us. This place is perfect for someone who just wants to let go, recharge energy, be active in nature or simply relax and have fun. Regardless of your Yoga level or sportive skills, everyone is welcome!


Our vision

We believe that the foundation of every spiritual practice is the connection to our source (Nature). It is those connections that create the insight that we are all connected and responsible for each other and the world we live in. This can sometimes feel like a heavy concept, especially considering the current events in the world.  We can all make a tremendous difference through small daily actions. As a community the impact of our efforts is multiplied and our collective actions make a true difference for our environment and the communities we are a part of.

Connecting to yourself and giving space to the things you are dealing with in your life, is the first step to stepping into and cultivating your unique strengths. It is through this personal growth that we can share with others that we find a true sense of accomplishment, connection and meaning in our lives.

We strongly believe that karma yoga makes a huge difference in the way we perceive ourselves and the world. The way we take responsibility and adapt, learn and grow in hard times.  At the epicenter of karma yoga is the idea of “karma” – The consequences of our actions, words, and deeds. It is believed to be the natural law of cause and effect. Karma is about giving your best, being present and aware in everything you do. Therefore we encourage respectful and responsible attitude toward self, others and nature.

We have chosen to live a life close to nature, becaus of the fun and harmony of being outdoors. Nature is a great teacher. It teaches us that in order to evolve we have to be physically and mentally strong, disciplined, adaptable, focused and at the same time that the key to happiness is just to be mindful and appreciate all the possibilities and beauty of life.

We believe that nutrition has a powerful influence on both our physical health and state of mind and that being a nature- responsible consumer is a crucial part of our sustainable evolution.  Our menu is vegetarian, fresh and seasonal. All products are organic and picked at local farms. We avoid the use of packaged and preserved foods.

Our menu is made by а dietitian and meets all nutritional needs. At the same time it is very delicious. How about…

We believe that there are much better things to do than stare at a tv screen or scrolling social media, so we organize evening workshops in the art of origami, mandala drawings, flying lanterns ceremony, art meditations, yoga lifestyle and philosophy discussions.


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